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July 19, 2019

Salt & Sauna for Stress Relief

By Nicole, a Breathe employee: Here at Breathe Salt & Sauna, we talk a lot about how much our services can reduce and/or eliminate the symptoms of asthma, allergies, viruses, flu illnesses, arthritis, inflammation, stress disorders, et cetera. Are the therapies at Breathe Salt & Sauna mainly for people suffering from specific conditions? NO! Everyone can benefit from the detoxification and stress reduction provided by our salt and heat therapies. In this modern world where we are inundated with environmental hazards and hectic daily schedules, we could all use a break and a boost to our immune systems. Time for relaxation has never been as needed as it is today. According to the American Institute of Stress, 77% of people in the U.S. regularly experience physical symptoms caused by stress and 33% are living with extreme stress. I think we can agree that stress is all too common in our modern life. Since we opened in April of 2018, we have been tracking the reasons people visit. The results are not surprising. Overwhelmingly, the number-one reason people visit Breathe is to reduce stress. Stress Reduction Through Infrared Sauna Therapy Fortunately, through our services we offer significant relief. Just a few […]
June 28, 2019

Benefits of a Breathe Membership

There are many reasons to consider a membership at Breathe Salt & Sauna.  The main reason?  To live a healthier life!  The infrared sauna and the salt bring many healing benefits to the body.  Through our skin and lungs, our bodies absorb toxins throughout the day from everywhere through the pollutants around us and even through the foods we eat.  The sauna and salt combined help eliminate those toxins from the body.  Too many toxins can cause health issues and break down our bodies over time. Maybe you suffer from respiratory conditions.   Breathing in salt can help relieve respiratory symptoms.  If you suffer from allergies, it is best to build up your immune system by doing salt sessions before the onset of allergy session.  Then your body stands a better chance of getting through the allergy season with less suffering. Maybe you are suffering from overload and stress.  Doing a sauna session rejuvenates your body and gives it what it is craving – REST!  We all get caught up in the speed of life, and we struggle to take time to care for ourselves.  It is vital to de-stress our bodies.  Stress causes inflammation and inflammation causes illness.   The good news is it only […]
February 1, 2019

Benefits of Infrared Saunas

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer and high blood pressure in the fall of 2017, the biofeedback practitioner that I was treating with told me I would really benefit from the use of an infrared sauna.  The same biofeedback practitioner, who was also treating my husband, Jon, suggested that he be tested for Lyme disease and arthritis because of his achy muscles and joints, but she also recommended he try an infrared sauna. As we were doing our research, we found out that regular use of an infrared sauna removes toxins from the body, helps with circulation, stress, inflammation, joint and muscle pain, and – oh, yeah! — burns calories at the same time!  We thought it was worth a try, and we were curious to see if it could offer us any relief from our ailments. On my own personal cancer journey, the sauna helped me get through my radiation treatment. After each radiation session, I would sit in the sauna while it removed the toxins from my body.  It also helped me with my high blood pressure.  From using the sauna, my blood pressure went back to normal, and I was able to completely stop taking medication for it.  […]
September 11, 2018

New 3 Session Passes Now Available

Here at Breathe Salt & Sauna we are excited to be introducing our new 3 Session Pass. This pass allows people the chance to see if the halotherapy (salt therapy) or infrared saunas are going to provide the benefits they are looking for. We have found that for some people the benefits are immediate, after the first session, and for others, it may take two or three sessions. 3 Session Passes can be purchased one time for use in our infrared saunas and one time for the halotherapy (salt therapy) to be used in our family room, adult meditation room, or salt booth. Listen to Jen as she shares her experience at Breathe and the results she experienced after just three sessions. The 3 Session Salt Pass is $75 and must be used within 15 days of purchase. The 3 Session Sauna Pass is $75 and must be used within 15 days of purchase.
July 2, 2018

Infrared Saunas and Cancer: Laurie’s Story

I heard the three words nobody wants to hear — “You have cancer.” What? How could this be?  Just five days earlier, I was having my mammogram done.  They had told me something “didn’t look right,” so they wanted me to have an ultrasound.  I had been down this road many times before because of my dense breast tissue, so I thought, “Okay.  Not a big deal.” After the ultrasound, the doctor came in the room and said, “Something doesn’t look right. There are three spots we would like to biopsy.” Okay.  Now they had me a little worried.  I got the dreaded call late in the day on a Friday afternoon.  “You have invasive ductal carcinoma, (IDC).” What? Had I heard that right? Yes, unfortunately, I had and it sent my mind reeling down the path of, “How did this happen?” There was no family history.  I had led a relatively healthy life and exercised on a regular basis.  Up until that point, I had not been prescribed any medications, but at every doctor appointment following my diagnosis, they would take my blood pressure once and then take it again, because they could not believe how high it was. Finally, my general practitioner said, “Sorry, Laurie, but I cannot let you leave the office without putting you on a prescription for high blood pressure.”     So he prescribed me two medications […]