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About Breathe Salt & Sauna

A place for 
relaxation & healing.

Laurie and Jon have been an unstoppable team engaging with their community and building strong, trustworthy businesses in Southern Wisconsin. In 2017, Laurie was diagnosed with breast cancer and, during radiation therapy, began seeking additional, natural treatments to aid her recovery.

To ensure a positive experience for all, Laurie and Jon have created a relaxing and enjoyable environment where people of all ages can seek relief from breathing discomfort, skin complications, and a myriad of other ailments. Enjoy a day of calming relaxation while sampling aromatherapy, chromotherapy, infrared sauna, salt therapy, and other wellness products.

There’s really no reason not to!


In early 2018, Laurie and Jon found the perfect location to provide all-natural, drug-free, non-invasive solutions to common health concerns in Johnson Creek, WI. They worked tirelessly to find the best, most effective equipment and technology to provide the strongest level of complementary care possible for those seeking additional, chemical-free treatment to their current medical regimen.

Building on the core values of trust, cleanliness, education, and outstanding customer service, Laurie and Jon began to turn their dream into a reality. In just four short months filled with intensive research and planning, Breathe Salt & Sauna came to life. Breathe Salt & Sauna is the ONLY place in all of Jefferson County to offer both infrared sauna and salt therapy in one place.

Services Offered at Breathe Salt & Sauna

At Breathe Salt & Sauna, guests can experience a variety of services to complement their wellness routines. Our location is home to two salt rooms, two salt booths, and three infrared saunas complete with chromotherapy, and a wellness store for guests to purchase products to bring Breathe home with them.

About Breathe Salt & Sauna

Salt Booths

• 15-minute sessions
• Great for when you are on the go.
• The same amount of salt is provided as in the larger salt rooms.
• Drop-in appointments available at most times.

About Breathe Salt & Sauna

Meditation Salt Room

Breathe Salt & Sauna offers a group salt therapy room built to comfortably seat 4 adults. Beautifully designed with Himalayan salt brick, our group therapy room is meant for quiet relaxation. Screens and conversation are strictly prohibited for the benefit of all guests. Our salt room can be booked for private group sessions.

About Breathe Salt & Sauna

Private Salt Room

Breathe Salt & Sauna's private salt therapy room is a cozy space ideal for an individual to practice yoga, meditation or enjoy time alone. This room is also available to families with children as young as 1-month old.

Children (0-13 years) are free with paying adult session.

Single Teen Session (14-17 years): $10

About Breathe Salt & Sauna

Infrared Saunas w/Chromotherapy & Red Light Therapy

Breathe Salt & Sauna offers 3 private infrared sauna rooms complete with chromotherapy and red light therapy.

Infrared saunas utilize full spectrum infrared light to heat from the core outward, allowing for lower, more sustainable temperatures. Amenities such as towel service, refreshing aromatherapy wash clothes, and toiletries are provided at no additional cost.

About Breathe Salt & Sauna

Wellness Store

Guests can purchase thoughtfully curated wellness products in-store and online. From bath soaks to salt lamps, Breathe Salt & Sauna offers a diverse selection of items, so guests can continue their wellness regimen at home.
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Gift Cards

We offer gift cards that can be used for sessions, passes or items from our wellness store!

Gift Cards Available