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Meditation Salt RoomMeditation Salt Room
Private / Family Salt RoomPrivate / Family Salt Room

Guided Meditation

With Traci Norenberg in our Salt Room
July 20th @ 6pm

$25 members
$40 non-members

Please join us at Breathe Salt and Sauna in a 45-minute journey of guided meditation designed to release stress and tension, and achieve peace and tranquility while indulging in a session of Halotherapy. The combination may quite possibly be one of the most amazing experiences of mental, emotional, and spiritual healing ever!

Salt Session Massages 

If you have not tried it, you should! Enjoy an amazing 45 or 90 -Minute Massage with a simultaneous Salt Therapy Session.

45-min $95
90-min $150

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Saturday, June 26th

If you need help scheduling you can call us at 920-699-9399 


Massages & Events