Salt & Sauna for Stress Relief

Salt & Sauna for Stress Relief

By Nicole, a Breathe employee:

Here at Breathe Salt & Sauna, we talk a lot about how much our services can reduce and/or eliminate the symptoms of asthma, allergies, viruses, flu illnesses, arthritis, inflammation, stress disorders, et cetera. Are the therapies at Breathe Salt & Sauna mainly for people suffering from specific conditions? NO! Everyone can benefit from the detoxification and stress reduction provided by our salt and heat therapies. In this modern world where we are inundated with environmental hazards and hectic daily schedules, we could all use a break and a boost to our immune systems.

Time for relaxation has never been as needed as it is today. According to the American Institute of Stress, 77% of people in the U.S. regularly experience physical symptoms caused by stress and 33% are living with extreme stress. I think we can agree that stress is all too common in our modern life. Since we opened in April of 2018, we have been tracking the reasons people visit. The results are not surprising. Overwhelmingly, the number-one reason people visit Breathe is to reduce stress.

Stress Reduction Through Infrared Sauna Therapy

Fortunately, through our services we offer significant relief. Just a few minutes in the gentle warmth of our infrared sauna will help you feel relaxed, rejuvenated and renewed. Infrared Saunas have also been shown to affect the autonomic nervous system by putting you in the parasympathetic (rest and digest) state, allowing your body to heal.

We have to laugh sometimes when witnessing the blissfulness of clients as they leave after their sauna sessions. Their worries seem to wash away as an overwhelming sense of well-being prevails.

Stress Reduction Through Halotherapy (Salt Therapy)

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In the isolated, stress-free environment of our salt rooms, your body can heal and reassert its natural, healthy balance. Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of the salt reduce the body’s toxic load, giving relief to an overburdened immune system and encouraging cellular regeneration. Let your mind be calm as you take in the sensation of the salty air. Take 15 to 45 minutes to BREATHE!

Working at Breathe, I have the pleasure of witnessing the positive results of halotherapy. It is such a joy to open our salt rooms doors to greet the rejuvenated, smiling faces of our clients!

We welcome all to experience our services and feel your body’s response to the therapies. Some people can inhale fully for the first time after experiencing the salt therapy. Others feel an absence of arthritic pain after a sauna session, and others feel a comforting sense of calm following their time at Breathe. Each one of us will have a different reaction, but overwhelmingly, our responses include a calm state of mind and a bolstered sense of well-being.

I genuinely hope that you can visit and experience these holistic therapies for yourself!

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