Benefits of a Breathe Membership

Benefits of a Breathe Membership

There are many reasons to consider a membership at Breathe Salt & Sauna.  The main reason?  To live a healthier life!  The infrared sauna and the salt bring many healing benefits to the body.  Through our skin and lungs, our bodies absorb toxins throughout the day from everywhere through the pollutants around us and even through the foods we eat.  The sauna and salt combined help eliminate those toxins from the body.  Too many toxins can cause health issues and break down our bodies over time.


Maybe you suffer from respiratory conditions.   Breathing in salt can help relieve respiratory symptoms.  If you suffer from allergies, it is best to build up your immune system by doing salt sessions before the onset of allergy session.  Then your body stands a better chance of getting through the allergy season with less suffering.


Maybe you are suffering from overload and stress.  Doing a sauna session rejuvenates your body and gives it what it is craving – REST!  We all get caught up in the speed of life, and we struggle to take time to care for ourselves.  It is vital to de-stress our bodies.  Stress causes inflammation and inflammation causes illness.   The good news is it only takes 45 minutes in the sauna to address your stress and get the rest!


At Breathe Salt & Sauna, we want you to live your best, healthy and vibrant life.  A membership for you will give you maximum health support at a fixed, affordable rate. It will offer you wellness and preventive care to enhance all aspects of your life.


What is your health worth to you?  Our monthly salt and sauna membership is unlimited, so you can come in as many times as you’d like.  Let’s break it down:


If you did a salt AND sauna session, it would equal out to only $17.85 per session.

If you did that twice a week, it would only be $8.94 a session.

If you did that three times a week, it would only be $5.96 a session.


I wish I would have known about infrared saunas before I was diagnosed with cancer.  Now I do not take my health for granted, and I use the sauna on a regular basis to keep my body healthy.  I have clients that are no longer taking prescription medications because of the benefits of salt and heat.  Imagine the savings in prescription costs!


Other benefits of a Breathe membership:  Workshops, yoga, massages, free guest passes to bring a friend. Membership payments are deducted from your account monthly so it makes the checkout process a breeze.  For your convenience, we also allow temporary account freezes if you are traveling or need to take a break for other reasons.


We know that your health is priceless, and we are proud to be able to offer our services to you at such affordable prices.  Let us walk alongside you on your wellness journey.


To good health!


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