Salt Therapy for Kids

Salt Therapy for Kids

Who can deny that children are precious? We go to great lengths to protect them and keep them safe and happy, so our hearts ache to see a child with watery eyes and a big, red nose because they have a bad cold and cannot breathe adequately. To see a child suffer, as they puff on their inhaler or scream because their skin is burning in pain, is heart-wrenching. We have personally known children in these severe states of sickness and so we have created our Family Salt Room just for them.

Kids are more at risk for skin and lung issues than adults, due to their immature lungs, immune systems and brains at birth.

Fortunately, Dry Salt Therapy for children can significantly help to:

– reduce the need for inhalers & antibiotics

– make breathing easier

– improve lung function

– alleviate sneezing, coughing & shortness of breath

– clear mucus & sticky phlegm from the lungs

– strengthen the immune system

– improve sleep patterns

– improve general health & quality of life

Our Family Salt Room is a playful, healing space custom-designed to meet the needs of young families. Just being in this space brings peace of mind to parents as they relax in our zero-gravity lounge chairs, breathe in the salty air and spend quality time with their family. Depending on the age and how children are feeling, they can play in the salt that covers the floor, explore the toys and beanbag chairs, read a book, or curl up in a zero-gravity chair and simply breathe in the salty air.

Each salt session is 45 minutes. Our pricing includes a FREE child salt session with each paying adult. Additional children (0-15) are only $10/each.


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