We are currently closed due to COVID 19 and the Safer At Home mandate from Govenor Evers.


Breathe Salt & Sauna brings halotherapy (salt therapy) and infrared saunas together, in one convenient place.


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Guests can purchase thoughtfully curated wellness products in-store and online. From bath soaks to salt lamps, Breathe Salt & Sauna offers a diverse selection of items, so guests can continue their wellness regimen at home.

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  • Marv H
    "I haven't felt this way since I visited the Dead Sea."
    Marv H
  • Rachel G
    "Wow! Breathe is an amazing place! You get relaxation and you get infused with healthy salt air while you relax in a stunning room with salt on the floors and zero gravity chairs. I am so excited and grateful that Johnson Creek has a wonderful place called "Breathe". If you want true relaxation, go to Breathe. I love how private the saunas are. A very nice selection of salt products for purchase. All of the rooms are beautifully appointed."
    Rachel G
  • "I am so excited for Breath S&S to be here in Johnson Creek. I am passionate about health and wellness and always looking for natural ways to improve my life and the lives of those I love. I'm hoping this is just the beginning for JC to have healthy options and more diversity in the area… I'm looking forward to visiting often and watching your growth and success! Thank you for this experience!"
  • Julia K
    "I felt I could relax and not be judged. Quiet resting place to recover after a long day, hard workout, whatever the reason. I encourage it!"
    Julia K
  • Nikki F
    "I loved the experience of the salt room, breathing in the salts was detoxifying and relaxing!"
    Nikki F
  • "Salt room enhanced my meditation experience. I could see value in using it as an inspirational tool in enhancing breath and inviting creative inspiration and expansion... It became an emotionally cleansing experience for me."

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Using both our physical and online store, guests can purchase products to complement their wellness routine at home.