The Breathe SOLE Starter Jar

The Breathe SOLE Starter Jar

The Breathe SOLE Starter Jar (pronounced SO-LAY)

The great Roman poet, Horace, wrote in an ode, “Carpe diem.” It means to seize the day or to live life to the fullest, and be happy and healthy while doing so. “Healthy” didn’t mean the same in Ancient Rome as it does now. Our caloric intake and hours spent at the gym are only a partial measure of our health. The other important factors are defined by how much we love our lives, bodies, and the people we surround themselves with — similar to the way the Romans lived. SOLE salt-infused water can help your body feel motivated to seize the day!

SOLE is so beneficial to your body that just one teaspoon a day can dramatically help your body heal, energize and detox. The crystals in the jar are concentrated Himalayan salt stones, which speed up your body’s healing process.

Why is SOLE salt-infused water good for your body?   

It contains mineral-rich nutrients. In the same way that Vitamin D provides energy through the sun, SOLE provides energy through its salt stones.

It’s 100 percent natural.  It contains no harsh chemicals or preservatives, so you can use it to cleanse your face.  It keeps acne and rosacea at bay by reducing pore size and oil production.

It detoxes your body. Through detoxification, SOLE helps regulate bowel movements, which can lead to weight loss.  SOLE also reduces high mercury levels in the body.
It’s beneficial to the mind. Salt is a natural way to reduce stress. When your body gets stressed, your cortisol levels rise. When your cortisol levels rise, your body craves salt.  So now you’ve got salt cravings and you find yourself reaching for salt-ridden, unhealthy comfort foods like chips, fries or fast food.  Not what you want to do, right?  So how do you avoid craving unhealthy foods? It’s actually very simple.  You take one teaspoon of SOLE salt-infused water in the morning, and it will help keep your cortisol levels low, so you won’t get salt cravings in the first place!

It’s beneficial to household pets.   Animals are more like humans than we realize. Cats and dogs go through emotions and sickness, just like humans do. Putting a few drops of SOLE salt-infused water in your pet’s water bowl every day can help them overcome illnesses such as ear infections, vomiting, dermatitis, flu, and urinary tract infections.  Dogs and cats experience stress, just like humans do.  Loud noises or strangers can really wreak havoc on them, so much so that in some cases, they can have abnormal heart palpitations, self-defecate, experience insomnia, and suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, so SOLE salt-infused water can help your pets, just as much as you.   So not only can you benefit immensely from incorporating SOLE salt-infused water into your life, you can enrich the health of your loved ones AND your pets.

We all know that health means so much more than just a number on a scale.  It is very important that we feel good about ourselves and our bodies, so why not give it a try?  It will help you feel energized and less stressed so you will be able to seize the day — every day.   Carpe diem!

— Megan Happ

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