Annmarie Skin Care© at Breathe

Annmarie Skin Care© at Breathe

Do YOU know the answer to this question?

What is the largest organ of your body?

Answer:  Your skin!

Did you know that your skin is a giant sponge AND your fastest-growing organ?  Everything you put on your skin is absorbed into your body.  A friend of mine, who has eaten clean and all-organic for the past couple of years, had biofeedback done, and her tests showed she had herbicides and pesticides in her body.  She was puzzled.  “How can that be? I have been so careful about what I put IN my body.”  She was asked if she lived out in the country or had her own well or lived where farmers grew crops.  She said, “yes” to all three.   She learned that she was absorbing herbicides and pesticides through her skin when she showered, so she had to install a showerhead filter to catch the bad stuff and keep it from getting on her body.  We are exposed to harmful things through our water and our skincare products, which contain harsh, toxic chemicals, colors and fragrances. These damaging ingredients make their way into our body through our skin and get into our blood and lymphatic system.


My friend’s experience caused me to re-evaluate what I put on my own skin.   For the last four years, I’ve been using Annmarie Skin Care©.  It is wildcrafted and organic, so I know what I am putting on my body is 100% safe.  I love the products so much that I have Annmarie© at Breathe, so you can sample them for yourself!


They have a strict, three-step process:

  1. Select the finest ingredients, herbs, and plants
  2. Infuse selected herbs into Aloe vera
  3. Craft – adding natural plant extracts, high antioxidant plant and seed oils.

This rigorous production leads to products that feel so good on my skin, and they smell amazing! You almost want to eat them!


I’d like to share with you my personal feedback and experience with Annmarie Skin Care©:

Over the years, I have used all of the Annmarie© cleansers, and they are all great, but recently, I have been enjoying the new Phytonutrient Cleanser for Mature Skin. I also use the toner, which I like, but miss the scent of the Neroli Toner I used to use – a beautiful citrus aroma. To be honest, I use the serums only when I remember, so I can’t speak too much about them. The moisturizers, on the other hand, I love! I can mix the oil moisturizer with the powder foundation and apply in one step. You can use the foundation combined, as I do, for better coverage or simply as a powder. I need extra coverage because of my rosacea. The flexible application of the foundations are suitable for a wide variety of skin types.

My favorite product is the Kaolin Micro Exfoliant. It has a wonderful grittiness that removes the dead skins cells, and when I rinse it off, my skin feels so soft! My husband, Jon, loves the coconut oil on his cracked heels on his feet.. The coconut oil is actually a favorite of many Breathe clients, as it helps with all dry skin and scalp conditions. If you want to truly go luxurious, try the Palo Santo Body Butter! It smells so delicious and creates a silky, smooth skin texture, allowing my clothes to glide against my skin. I can’t wait to try the Hair Care.


Next time you visit Breathe, we invite you to play with our Annmarie© samples and explore what these wild, beautiful products can do for you!

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