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Meditation & Gentle Yoga Stretching

With Traci Norenberg in our Salt Room
March 20th @ 8:00 am (Cancelled)
March 26th @ 6:30 pm (Cancelled)

$10 members
$20 non-members

Please join us at Breathe Salt and Sauna in a 45-minute journey of gentle yoga and guided meditation designed to stretch and lengthen muscles, center and balance, release stress and tension, and achieve peace and tranquility while indulging in a session of Halotherapy. The combination may quite possibly be one of the most amazing experiences of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing ever!

Salt Room Personal Massages

March 28th
10am – 2pm (Cancelled)

Book a 45-Minute Massage with a simultaneous Salt Therapy Session for only $85! Elizabeth Bart, M.S., BCTMB, LMT, MET and Nutritionist from Tri Vigorate Massage, Nutrition & Coaching will be doing the massages.

Elizabeth’s practice philosophy:
“I believe that the integration of medicine, nutrition, physical activity, and massage therapy are the basis of patient well-being. Each discipline plays an active role in the prevention and stability of the mind, body, and spirit of an individual. My goal is to assist clients with creating a personal well-being plan so that they can reach their potential. I strive to create an environment that is professional, educational, and healing.”

March 18, 2020

Salt Therapy & CO VID19

Addressing the Coronavirus Our #1 concern is YOUR health and wellbeing. That is why we want to address salt therapy and the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and our cleaning procedures here at Breathe Salt & Sauna.  This statement has been sent out by the President of the Salt Therapy Association, Leo Tonkin:“ I recently spoke with Dr. Daniel Layish, MD, a board certified pulmonologist and a fellow founding director of the Salt Therapy Association who said, “It is too early to tell what impact halotherapy may have with this strain of the coronavirus; however, this Coronavirus does affect the respiratory and lung system, and dry salt therapy has been shown to provide symptomatic benefits, such as in a clinical study we conducted that focused on patients with cystic fibrosis. While there is no need to be overly concerned at this time, being proactive and taking care of your respiratory system is becoming more important than ever before.” A strong advocate for this complementary therapy, Dr. Layish often recommends his patients to the local Salt Room in Orlando, Florida. As a matter of fact, in many countries it is an approved therapeutic treatment covered by health providers. We always recommend you consult a physician or […]